About Me

I'm not that interesting. You'll see.

Hailing from tropical Northeast Ohio, I currently work at Vitamix as the manager of the Experience Design and Business Intelligence team. I previously worked for Within3 as a User Experience Designer focused primarily on the company’s mobile offerings. Before that, I worked at Sideways doing Front End Development, where we built apps targeted for iPhones and iPads. Prior to Sideways, I was contracted to do Front End Development at the Cleveland Clinic in their Interactive Marketing department, focused on the main website and microsites.

Evangelism #

A couple of friends and I co-founded an annual Web Design and Development conference in Cleveland called Rustbelt Refresh.

I was a Core Team member of what was once the Cleveland Web Standards Association (now defunct). We actively evangelized web standards and gathered often to share best practices.

Working Principles #

Unabashedly stolen from Jared Spool.