About Me

I'm not that interesting. You'll see.

Hailing from tropical Northeast Ohio, I currently work at Vitamix as the manager of the Experience Design and Business Intelligence team. I previously worked for Within3 as a User Experience Designer focused primarily on the company’s mobile offerings. Before that, I worked at Sideways doing Front End Development, where we built apps targeted for iPhones and iPads. Prior to Sideways, I was contracted to do Front End Development at the Cleveland Clinic in their Interactive Marketing department, focused on the main website and microsites.


A couple of friends and I co-founded an annual Web Design and Development conference in Cleveland called Rustbelt Refresh.

I was a Core Team member of what was once the Cleveland Web Standards Association (now defunct). We actively evangelized web standards and gathered often to share best practices.

Working Principles

Unabashedly stolen from Jared Spool.