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Accessibility is Innovation

Jeremy Wagner wrote a piece about defining productivity and it triggered me to write my thoughts.

~ 4 min reading time

Stuffing the Front End

I am watching a video introduction to Vue.js explaining why I would want to use this framework. It got me asking bigger questions. As a proper curmudgeon, I have thoughts I want to hurl at a non-existent audience who didn't ask for my opinion.

~ 5 min reading time

How to: IndieWeb Syndicate

One of the IndieWeb features I wanted to take advantage of was being able to create content on my site and syndicate it out to social media. This entry explains how I finally got it working.

~ 6 min reading time

How to: Twitter Developer Access

Because the IndieWeb feature I most want to take advantage of is syndicating content from my site, I had to apply for Twitter Developer Access. Twitter is the social media site I most frequently use. This entry explains how I went about achieving that aim.

~ 1 min reading time

A Simpler Web: I Concur

My friend, Chris Miller, shared on his blog what his thoughts are about an article I shared with our teams where we work. I have thoughts, too, so I'm writing them here.

~ 8 min reading time