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Giving a Damn at Scale

I've argued about "scaling" in other writings on this site and how we are doing it wrong in the tech community. Here I go again.

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WRT Google, when I die

24 Ways is back!

Simple Opt out

Click speed

The birth of social credit

Business case for accessibility

Game developer a11y support

Accessibility is Innovation

Jeremy Wagner wrote a piece about defining productivity and it triggered me to write my thoughts.

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Curmudgeonly thoughts on js frameworks

Stuffing the Front End

I am watching a video introduction to Vue.js explaining why I would want to use this framework. It got me asking bigger questions. As a proper curmudgeon, I have thoughts I want to hurl at a non-existent audience who didn't ask for my opinion.

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CSS Nesting

SublimeText Git integration

Anything that can be hacked will be hacked.

Cutting out the tech giants

Eleventy to Twitter

How to: IndieWeb Syndicate

One of the IndieWeb features I wanted to take advantage of was being able to create content on my site and syndicate it out to social media. This entry explains how I finally got it working.

~ 6 min reading time

How to: Twitter Developer Access

Because the IndieWeb feature I most want to take advantage of is syndicating content from my site, I had to apply for Twitter Developer Access. Twitter is the social media site I most frequently use. This entry explains how I went about achieving that aim.

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Comment on data collection article

A Simpler Web: I Concur

My friend, Chris Miller, shared on his blog what his thoughts are about an article I shared with our teams where we work. I have thoughts, too, so I'm writing them here.

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CSS Nitpicking

I can get pedantic with the best of them.

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How To: IndieWeb Microformats

Once I provided richer detail about myself using microformats, according to the IndieWebify.me site the next step is marking up content in a similar fashion, such as a blog post. Code examples included.

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How to: IndieWeb Profile

Once I was able to establish Web Sign In according to the IndieWebify.me site, their next recommendation is extending HTML semantics with microformats to create a web profile that originates on your own site. Code examples included.

~ 4 min reading time

How to: IndieWeb Web Sign In

I started with IndieWebify.me hoping it would give me some easy wins. It did, but I found the approach a bit fragmented. Having to click back and forth on links to learn the things a bit disjointed. I’ll try to round that out here.

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There are different approaches for handling conversations across the web, allowing people to choose which option they would like for communicating something related to what I've written. This is a collection of starter research for me while I figure out what solution I want to use.

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Usage. Measurement. Data.

Data privacy and protection is a hot topic, as well it should be. This has me considering what do I want or need to know about visitors to my new site. How little is too little? How much is too much? How much do I even care?

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New Approach, New Site

With a new approach to building sites, it seems like a good time to get back into the fray. It's been quite some time since I've dedicated effort to learning new things in tech and applying them first hand. I've been looking for a good excuse to get back into writing, so here it is.

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