There are different approaches for handling conversations across the web, allowing people to choose which option they would like for communicating something related to what I've written. This is a collection of starter research for me while I figure out what solution I want to use.

  • Staticman: pull requests for submissions - This could be used for comments and ratings/reviews, as demonstrated by its author. Could this also be used for other types of form submissions? Upside: everything is in the repo, making it all portable. Downside: I don't see one yet.
  • Utterances: built on Github issues - This could be used for comments, wiki pages and more. Repo must be public. That is not currently the case for, but that may not be a permanent condition. Upside: might have broad feature usage. Downside: based on Github feature so if Github vanishes, so would functionality. Need to look deeper to see if it all ends up in the repo and is portable like Staticman to rule out this downside.
  • Webmentions - Nicolas Hoizey did a nice writeup on how he implemented webmentions. There are links in his post I will follow to learn more. I'll want to explore Aaron Gustafson's Jekyll plugin to if Chris can help create something for use with Eleventy. I might want to make the first attempt to implementing it myself to see how difficult it is. Jeremy Cherfas has a list of posts about webmentions that may help me implement them.