Shallow thoughts

WRT Google, when I die

24 Ways is back!

Simple Opt out

Arya’s horse

Followed the formula

I didn’t hate it

Fun with fire

Dany’s Body Count

Weeknotes 8

Brand Reveal Party

The Long Night is long

GoT epic Winterfell battle: cons

GoT epic Winterfell battle: pros

Weeknotes 7

Public Service - Fact Checking

Weeknotes 6

Click speed

Weeknotes 5

The birth of social credit

Sage Advice

Business case for accessibility

Game developer a11y support

Weeknotes 4

The Office - Conference Room

Weeknotes 3

Curmudgeonly thoughts on js frameworks

Reply to Zeldman about Health Care in America

My second week notes

My first week notes

CSS Nesting

SublimeText Git integration

Monks priorities regarding work

Anything that can be hacked will be hacked.

Cutting out the tech giants

Reply to Greg McV about IndieWeb

Eleventy to Twitter

Comment on data collection article

Reply to DHH about blog resurgence

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